This is as it should be. As they laid out at the end of the original—nay, the ONLY—CLASH OF THE TITANS, when they were showing all the constellations, some heroes and some stories need to be memorialized in such stellar hieroglyphics. Godzilla most certainly qualifies, and now NASA has made it so. Godzilla is a new constellation. They named some other new ones, too, but the Godzilla star pattern is the one that got me most jazzed.

And while we’re on the subject of Godzilla, the El Rey network Christmas kaiju marathon will be over by the time you are reading this. But there are twelve days of Christmas and we are still within the celebratory period, so check out this video of Godzilla destroying a gingerbread city. (Is that gingerbread Tokyo?) It was meant to advertise the kaiju movie marathon, but I’m watching it still, and sharing it now, because it’s adorable and it makes me smile. (By the way, if you missed the kaiju marathon, the network showed all the same movies they showed last year; no new ones that I noticed, except I can’t remember if they showed CLOVERFIELD last time. But if you have all the movies recorded from last Christmas, as I do, then you didn’t miss much at all.)