Godzilla Is STILL King

There really are no set-in-stone requirements for writing for the Internet. Not even among supposed-to-be “legitimate” news sources. I don’t wanna gripe too much, since I don’t have a degree in journalism either, but if I’m serving in the role of reporter I do try to be as accurate as I can be. If something is just my opinion I try not to put it out there as anything else.

I saw this nincompoop writing for one of the websites charged with cataloguing and interpreting box office receipts say something about how the disappointing tickets sales for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS could “put the upcoming GODZILLA VS. KONG in jeopardy.” As Bugs Bunny would’ve said, what a maroon. GODZILLA VS. KONG is already in post-production! For all intents and purposes it’s already finished. Lawd, some people just don’t think. While it is true that the head of WB stated that GODZILLA VS. KONG might have its release date pushed back, does the nimrod think the studio would just decide not to release a movie that’s already finished? (Has that *ever* happened?) Nor is Legendary, the parent company, banking on the American box office take being the be-all and end-all of GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. It was *always* going to be about the international take.

For the record, the movie has made just shy of 300 million thus far, hardly the “flop” that some are calling it.

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