The long-awaited anime movie is set for release from Netflix on January 17th, after a theatrical release in Japan back in November. Of course poor schleps like me, who don’t live-stream, will have to wait a bit longer for the release on DVD. The movie is the first in a planned trilogy. No word on when we’ll get to see the other two films, but chances are most of you will see them before I do. Dangit.

The movies are purportedly set 20,000 years in the future, which would serve to prove that Godzilla is, in fact, immortal. And what has Godzilla been doing for those 20,000 years, besides wreaking general monster-related havoc? He’s been GROWING. He’s now ridiculously big. Check out that picture! Human beings have abandoned earth, but the movie finds them wanting to reclaim it. Lotsa luck with that, puny humans! (One has to wonder, if Godzilla just keeps growing the older he gets, how BIG could he conceivably get? Is there a top-out point? Or could we end up with a PLANET-sized Godzilla after a million or so years? It’s an interesting concept, that’s for sure.)

GODZILLA: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS is also going to be featured as a new Manga series, set to debut in March. But will we ever get an English translation?

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