Godzilla’s Heel Turn

The trailer is out now, and serves to sufficiently (further) whet the appetite. As much as we can tell by appearances at this time, it looks like Godzilla is going to have a heel turn. That’s wrestling terminology, for those of you who might not recognize it. It means when a “face”, a good guy or hero, turns “bad” and becomes a villain, or “heel”. If they do go this route, expect King Kong to go over. That’s wrestling parlance for “win the fight”. And it would help it go down easier for me, too. I’m so conflicted on this thing, anyway, because I know one of them has to lose and I don’t really want either of them to. But if Godzilla turns heel, it would make it easier for me to accept him losing.

An alternate theory is that it isn’t really Godzilla doing the villainous things at all, but Mechagodzilla, wearing his stealthy Godzilla skin. (Basically he’d be a Godzilla terminator, flesh on the outside and robot on the inside.) That would mean Mechagodzilla would commit the crimes, and then Kong would attack Godzilla thinking Godzilla was guilty. The fight, then, would be the result of a misunderstanding.

The third theory is that it *is* Godzilla, but Godzilla is being mind-controlled by an unknown party. That would mean, when Kong and Godzilla tussle, it wouldn’t really be Godzilla’s fault.

Truthfully, I’d be fine with any of these scenarios. I just want to see the movie!!!

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