Going, going, gone…

I’m going away sweetheart,
Sorry I’ll not be back for a long time,
But I’m contemplating all our moments,
And I hope you still remember me,
Further down the line.

I’d tell you that I’d write to you,
But you knew that I’d forget to,
Starting from the very dirst day,
But you know I could never,
Find the right words to say.

I don’t want to leave you,
Please know I’ll miss you,
And know that some nights,
I’ll wake up,
Tears pouring down my cheeks,
Trying to reach out to your hand.

I guess what I’m trying to say is,
If I could stay, I would,
I’d give up my life for you,
And I’d never doubt our lives,
If all of this you only knew.

In the end it’s all about you,
You’re so unhappy,
And I’m always greiving,
All because you’ve given up hope,
But I’m still here,
Your trusty sidekick,
I’m not really the one,
That is going….

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By Darouche

I was a mistake, my life has no moral, my dad writes poetry about 5 years old wanking (may post his stuff depends). My greatest friends are Dave, Rach (evilsecret) and Sarah. I like trees and all things sharp. Oh and I am a human cutting board as someone once said to me....