I know you think I’m gone

But really I’m still here,

You just can’t see me next to you,

Or see me cry a tear.

It may seem like I have left,

And left you here alone,

Neglected our fun times,

And conversations on da phone.

I’m so sorry that I had to leave,

I just felt that I didn’t have a place,

In this game that they call ‘Life’,

I just couldn’t keep up the pace.

You probably didn’t see it coming,

When I said I hated life,

You probably thought I didn’t mean it,

But I did, I wouldn’t lie.

The pain really hurt at first,

But then I became numb,

Then my body began to tremble,

As the fear came over me.

As my breath became shorter,

I remembered the good times,

Our sleepovers, conversations,

Even our silly rhymes.

Then it started to get all blurry,

And my hands began to shake,

I then passed out into a deep sleep,

One where I could hope to never wake.

You guys are my best friends,

And you still are,

I may seem to be a long way away now,

But really, I’m not that far.

I’m in a place inside you,

Somewhere called your heart,

So we’ll always be together,

And we will never part.