It’s hard not to be excited about the recent announcement from ToHo studios, that they are planning to start their own shared universe, akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Okay, yeah, you may be thinking, but they already HAD a shared cinematic universe. In fact the Godzilla family of movies would comprise one of the earliest examples of a shared universe, second only to the one occupied by the classic Universal Monsters in the 30s and 40s. All ToHo’s kaiju movies were connected, and the monster stars often appeared in each other’s films. But dare we to hope that THIS particular shared universe is of a different sort, an ocean-spanning sort, a culture-spanning sort? Might the new shared universe be a team-up of the Legendary (aka American) and Toho (aka Japanese) studios? THAT has never been done before. THAT would be something to get excited about! Please, ToHo, do it! Make it happen!

The only negative connected with this new announcement is that SHIN GODZILLA probably won’t be getting a direct sequel. That’s a shame, as I loved SHIN GODZILLA. Still, there is hope. Remember we saw Zilla, aka GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) appear alongside the classic Godzilla in FINAL WARS. There’s no reason we might not get to see Shin Gojira right alongside (fight alongside?) the standard Godzilla in the same movie. The possibilities are endless.