Good Night, Good Time

Last week I went out with my cousin. He took me over to his girlfriends house her brother and best friend was also there. We all set in her room(my cousins girlfriend) at the same time my cousins was rolling a blunt. I had smoked weed plenty times before but I not a full flegged smoker. After he had rolled the blunt we went out side to smoke it. My cousin lit it and we began to pass it around. I usally take alot of small hits but tonight i decided to take lots of big hits. Near the end of the blunt i was feeling weird not like i usally feel in im high. The time began to pass like someone was flipping through one of those books with the pictures on every page. Then everything i thought of was funny i thought of south park and i laughed my ass off about cartman saying respect my authorita then we went in side were i remember giving every body hugs then my cousin was like Jake(Thats my name) u know i laced that shit but i was to fucked up to ask what with then my cousins girlfriends parents came home and wanted me and my cousin to leave but i really go home because come on i was fucked up so my cousin called up our friend brad because his grandpa was not home and we could chill out there for a little bit. We left and was like 15 mins away from my cousins girlfriend and we had the munches. My cousin looked through his pockets and realized He had forgotten his money at his girlfriends so we continued to brads we got there and circled around the block for bit but we didnt see him home so we was feeling pretty good i still had that flip book feeling we went home and i raided my refrigerator and luckly my mom was out getting drunk some where cause if she was here she would of killed me so i decided before she got home to go to sleep. so i went to sleep. i woke up and smoked another blunt and went back to sleep that’s the end

By StAinEd PaNTs

believes that no religions are true and likes 2 hang out with friends an smoke blunts and likes 2 meet new people