She awakens in the morning after lying in late,
has nothing for breakfast,
third day running…
She runs a comb through her dyed black hair

and covers her eyes with the darkest black line;
then checks the scars on her arms
are still visable.
She hunts for her clothes, only black ones will do
and she re-paints her nails.
Her jewellery weighs down her neck and wrists
and her brother is woken
by the fake death-metal blasting from her speakers.
She leaves the house
and spends all day hanging with friends,
seeming gloomy – ’cause it’s a rule
smoking weed – ’cause it’s cool
then she returns home when the sky begins to darken.
She sits at the computer and chats on the net
to somebody that she’s never met
He asks “What are you like?”
and she replies “I’m a goth!”

Early does he wake, his mother turns on the light.
He drags his helpless body down the stairs,
ears still tingling from the music in his headphones,
He takes a can of coke from breakfast
and adds a little vodka
to wake him up.
He forces down a piece of toast to help him start the day.
He takes a look in the mirror, and shakes his longish, shaggy hair,
wraps his much-loved pentagram around his neck
to protect him and guide him through another day.
He takes a good long look at his arm
and sees those haunting scars…
So he picks up a bangle, a bracelet or two
and covers his wrists, so nobody knew.
His friend calls round his house
and makes him come out
if only for a while
to gentle his spirits, and stop him feeling trapped,
what a real friend does.
When he goes home, more conflict arises-
He feels so unwanted, so cast to the side.
He tries not to shout
and tries to make up
But his parents storm out
and go to the pub.
He sits in his misery but still tells not a soul
of his torturing life
which seems to go on and on, as the waves in the sea are constant, so is he.
He tries to ignore what happened with his parents
Takes something to eat, but decides not to eat it.
Instead, he sits at the computer and chats on the net
to somebody that he’s never met
She asks “What are you like?”
and he replies “I’m me”

By BrokenDreams

Im.. me... Theres not much to say really...