Gothic Life Is A Bitch sometimes

well from reading all the posts I come to one conclusion the same all we goth’s have I do beleive in the social life of today I find it hard to be a goth because of all the ridcular and the economic stats. It’s hard to state an opion. and Goths Now adays are consider as “anti-christs”… as for me I am not saying anthing bad about those ppl because everyone had their own religion I believe you should not force your religion on anyone. because that has happpen to me to much. I AM SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with everyone almost being “Normal” is it a fucken hard trying to be goth. ok of this nice and nice bullshit I am getting sick of it. you know what I think we can all agree one thing….FUCK ALL PREPS JOCKS AND TEENY BOPPERS….. BLACK METAL/GOTHIC METAL/ DEATH METAL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Forsaken Desire

Born On Scarlet Moon night. I arose in burial for angels and demons heding commands of the one with the forsaken desire.