I was asked the other day, “What is gothic? What do goths actually do?”. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this, but it was the first time I actually decided to think about it. Being a goth obviously means different things to different people, as would any other sub-culture. I percieve being gothic as expressing yourself in ways that shock other people. It’s not a fashion statement. It’s not a musical taste. It’s not disrespectful to others. But that’s just my definition. I guess I’m writing this to find out what your idea of goth is.


  1. Being goth is not about shocking anyone. Though there are many definitions, where none could be disproven except those being wildly fantastic or Manson-related (as he has spoken himself not to be a goth, nor that anything he does is to be percieved as gothicness). Personally, I define it as specific taste in clothes, and Beauty in Darkness. This doesn’t make light ugly. To me, a goth is simply someone who acknowledge darkness as not being negative nor unwanted.

    In reality, the gothic sub-culture started as a style-reaction upon punk being commonly accepted throughout society, while still being a part of the no-future culture.

    I now believe it has evolved into the previously stated definition, as well as a wide range of more popular definitions. I do not believe you have to share the no-future perspective as was necessary to begin with, but you certainly are required to acknowledge the fact that society and humanity is not the perfection it states itself to be.

  2. I agree with Tears… Goth is the acknowledgement and exceptence to darkness. But i also think that Gothic means different things to different Goths. Many goths love the color balck because of its beauty. Some wear it as a sign that they have been hert and are mourning and cant get over there lost. Then to other Goths, wearing black is a sign of warning to warn off other people cus the just want to be left alone. But for many that are like myself have a combination of things. Everyone has thier own reasons to turning to the dark side. And i say dark side lightly cus i dont mean evil. I guess the defenition of Gothic depends on who you are asking.

  3. wat im wondering is how to express it. I go to a christian private school live in a christian home and am forced to wear uniforms.I just cant seem to be able to establish myself as wat i am.My parents always seem to ask if im wearing that black pair of pants to be more gothic.Yet i dont like to label myself goth casue they bring on people thinking stuff.I have no problem wat other people think of me but when i get accused of selling my soul or cutting myself which i have stopped and no longer see the reason for it. How can i escape?

  4. I think people are only goth becaue people label them that because of there interests and the way they dress. I myself am not a goth but people say I am becaue I wear black I write horror or horror related stories and sketch violent pictures. Other peopel also label me a hippie, I have long curly rusty hair I wear circular sunglass and I listen to a lot of 60-70’s music. No one is anything but them self. No one is truely the label they are.

  5. I guess my post could go under here rather than creating another topic…I’ve been interested in the gothic subculture for quite a few years and tried to find out more about it, but the information was limited for a poor unemployed 15 year old. I’m now older and have a job and want to learn more. My fiance is goth and says he’ll help me, but we don’t know where to start. I don’t know what questions to ask. I want to know more about this…any help would be greatly appreciated. email me at
    Thanks ~~~Luna

  6. being a child of darkness is to see happiness in the stillness of a cold winter. And to find death to be devine in it’s all romantic state. If you must ask yourself, or anybody in that matter how to become goth, then you shall never be. This monotinous question pestures me like an ant trying to consume my life. I say be gone to this foul band wagon!

    However, I see nothing wrong when it comes to the ability to learn., I tell you now you are not in questioning the gothic lifestyle, but it’s personality. tread lightly and be careful of your wordings in the question and it’s meaning. Do you honestly know what you seek?

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