Grasping death

We all seek the higher power the form of death that lets us either live a little bit or die a little bit.

Each and everyday of our lives you hold on to deaths hand a little more each day we come closer to the darkness or the light. Death is a force noone sees hears or can speak of for sure, its just there awaiting when your time is at hand. Some people think they have made death come to them when they commit suicide, but the question is did they go to death or did death come to them. When we look at death from a perspective of life its not rconizable we must look at death as nothing more than death than a power that takes lives. People search for this concept many try to even analyze it but is it truely possiblt to anylize the unanylizable. Everyday we are one step closer to the ledge that we all must fal off of at one point or another everyday that we live breath kick a ball fall or even blink we are Grasping Death.