Grave Grave

There is no wetting this frozen ground and no amount of tears will ever suffice to break the iron hand of such ice. Her tomb is so crooked and ill-conceived that I can hardly believe what I read.

On granite it is carved and in stone it is set. I see it, I read it, but I can’t believe yet. Her marker has stated, “Here now lies one Blessed. She found in life mystery and now finds what is guessed”. But can an angel reside in that box so far down? Can her two too sweet hands, across her chest, now be bound? Can her sweet rosy cheeks be now no more than meat for a bettle to travel and a maggot to eat? And what of the pink nails on her two petite feet? Are they to turn grey and never stroll through the wheat? The fields we laughed in, when still she could breathe? Am I now to face this stump of rock and believe that God took my angel and left me to grieve?

At her grave I am grave, if not totally lost. What use that I found the sweet girl I had sought? What matter we loved if she is now here to rot? What can I do now in this tired, dead spot? My tears travel slowly and they fall like the dust. Sure, someday they’ll rest still, but end they will not. Her ground here is frozen and I pray she’s not cold. For don’t even the dead need someone warm to hold? Should I dig closer to her and offer my arms? I mean, after all she has been through, it could not be of harm. And I want my angel to rest eternally warm. I grovel at her grave grave for the strength to move on. Yet I sit in my sorrow until well past next dawn. And I use her dear tombstone for a brace to lean on. And now even in death she has offered me rest for my body is weary and near well out of breath. So I slump against her headstone and recall all she was. A lover, a thinker, a treasure I trust. And I beg to her God, “Please God be now mine!!”. And I pray He will take me so that in my own time I will be burried low, beneathe root and sweet vine. Then rise to a kingdom where the truth’s bare to find. And I’ll walk with a strength that I missed while alive. I will find her, she’ll smile, then be eternally mine.