Great Equalizer

We are the past — learn from us.
We are the future — dream of us.
We are the children who once were taught.
We are the elders who once were known.

Out time was limited, but now is endless.
Our age was once certain, but now does not matter.

We are the kind who once ruled here.
We once were the pawns, but now all obey.
We once were the seekers in search of forbidden treasure.
Once we were lost, but now all are home.

We were the cruel, and the kind.
We were the loved, and the unwanted.

Though once we had a signature,
Now we all share one name.

We were once the scared,
But no longer are frightened.
Some were the hunters
And others their prey.

Now our differences
No longer matter.
We are equal
When laid to rest.

Author’s note: i have cited before that repetition gets on my nerves, and yeah, i can see the repetition in my poem, so don’t crucify me.