Grim Reaper in dreams

I have very strange dreams? Whenever I go to sleep I dream something. Most of dreams are some kind of nightmares. Well, you judge them yourself.

I have very strange dreams? Whenever I go to sleep I dream something. Most of dreams are some kind of nightmares. Well, you judge them yourself.

I have dreamed three times about my boyfriend?s death. I love him very much, I would give my life to save his. So, I can?t imagine life without him. Let?s start with this one?

I was walking with my boyfriend, and my friend through some city. I dropt my keys and my book [ I don?t know how ] and I haven?t noticed that. I continue walking but my boyfriend went back to get them. Then I turned around and he wasn?t there. There were many people gathered around something. I run there and I saw my boyfriend laying in blood. He wasn?t moving. I heard Emergency truck coming. And I was trying to get to him, but there were too many people? I cried and I waked up.

Then I dreamed that something killed him. Something maybe unnatural. Don?t really know.

And I don?t remember well the third dream. And I don?t think I would like to remember it.

That?s not all. Before four or five days I?ve dreamed about my own death.
I was in some very big room with my friends, and I don?t know why but I brought death to all of them. I meant: there was dark, just light of the candles. And that white words appeared in the air. They were names of people who are meant to die. Don?t know why, but they had to die because of me. And my name was there. So, tomorrow they all have died. I haven?t see that, but I knew somehow. And it was my turn. I was near some poor cottage when I saw Grim Reaper – Death. You know, skeleton or main in black robes with scythe. And he was not evil, he was just doing his job? And I felt sympathy for him. Don?t know why, I felt hi is a man in his soul? Hi said something to me like I?m him, or we are the same. And I wasn?t scared. So he hugged me and I died. Then I waked up.

Ok, two days after that I have dreamed about Jesus Christ. I were in the future and I were standing under the bridge with Jesus Christ. On the bridge were some mans shooting Jesus with some laser guns. And he was in pain, but just standing there. I haven?t felt pain, but I was trying to tell Jesus to run. I screamed to people on the bridge to stop shooting him, but they were evil. So I grabbed Jesus? hand and start running from there. He didn?t wanted to hurt them. He loved them anyway. I heard something, then I turned around while running and saw lightning rod hitting the bridge. All do people have fallen, but none of them have died or have been injured. They were just disabled to fire. Then, I waked up.

Well, there are some of my dreams? If you have some comments please post them.


  1. Okay. I don’t know a whole lot about dream interpretation, but I’ve studied a bit of psychology and your dreams say a lot about how you feel subconciously.

    You feel like you are somehow interfering in your friends and boyfriends lives. They’re not really going to die because of you, that’s just your subconcious screaming to be heard. Have you been worried about your relationships with anyone lately? Are you realising just how much of an influence you might have over your loved ones (as they will also have over you). We all effect others lives just by knowing them, and that goes double if we’re really close to someone. There’s obviously something happening in your life that’s making some part of you question your place in life. You need to sit back and think about your life, and those of the people you’re dreaming about. Especially your boyfriend, and if there’s something you need to clear up between the two of you, talk about it. To him or to someone you trust. Your dreams probably won’t go away until you start feeling more secure in your waking life. If you need to talk you can email me at

    Good luck with everything. 🙂

  2. I happen to know somthing of dream interpertation, your dreams or at least the first one says that u rea compleatly obsessed with your boyfriends death and u need to move on and except fate, the other is your thoughts of/ like I need to die just like him, 0r that its not fair how he died and your saying im going to die and take u with me. as for the 3rd one,……….. well i just think that jesus dude is a load of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i may be worng

  3. I don’t know alot about dreams, but your not the only one who’s dreams he’s in. im going to submit something into darkness about my dreams. read ti. i hope you enjoy them.

  4. well it’s iteresting…guess the first one means your boy fiend is going to die cause maybe of something he does for you and you dont know he did it.and yes it’s true the grim reaper is an actually an angel,alot of people think of him as some demon or something because he takes the lives of others….and ther jesus was…interesting……guess you feel like you want to fight for the what you feel is right…?i dont know…..

  5. how the fuck do you know if the reaper iz an angel.?!!!! fuck jesus……..fuck god…………fuck heaven……….fuck it all the. the grim reaper iz not a fucking angel. there’z know fucking way. god,jesus,heaven didn’t do shit for me . i used to fucking pray. then one night i told “god” to fuck himself and die. i hope he did. i know for a fact that i’m not going to “heaven”. or whatever the fuck you want to call it. i just don’t fucking care anymore.

  6. does anyone know anything?i read that the grim reaper served god,i figured someone who prayed would have read the bible at least a once,or heard about it from some one.have you never heard any one call him/her “the angel of death”?in fact the bible says that god loks more like a monster than the holy beautiful man every one says he looks like,that just looking at him you trembel in fear.i think what people think demons lok like are actually what angels look like.i even once hear that lucifer meant “the most beautiful angel”.

  7. hahahaha….inuyasha is fun,so rash and naive,its quite amusing…

  8. well gld to find people who agree with me. thank you Vengeance Reaper. i live in this place called shelbyville indiana. my nickname here is draco….look me up.

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