This one hits me hard in the old feels, yo. In order for you also to fully appreciate it, you need to (a) be the same age as me, or thereabouts, or (b) be knowledgeable enough about 80s pop culture that you get the references. Even if you’re all up on your 80s, though, you likely still won’t surf the wave of nostalgia that I did when watching this video. If you *aren’t* sufficiently 80s educated, allow me to offer a quick tutorial, and get a little autobiographical.

I was a kid in the 80s. We didn’t have cable television. There were four networks. (Only three for the better part of the decade.) Family time was spent in front of the television. (My parents were divorced and I was raised by my mother and maternal grandmother.) Generally, we watched what they wanted to watch, and generally that was sitcoms. Sitcoms back then weren’t as inane as they are now, though, or if they were I didn’t notice it. I liked most of those sitcoms. Among them was this show called GROWING PAINS. It ran on ABC from 1985 through the early 90s (honestly lasting a couple of seasons too long, but then all sitcoms tend to do that).

Meanwhile, everything in my world centered around Horror movies, pro wrestling, and comic books. And the 80s was the golden age of that staple of the Horror genre, the Slasher film. Being a nerdy, painfully introverted kid without any real friends, the slashers were my buddies. I literally grew up with Jason, Freddy, and the rest.

Can you understand, then, why taking the theme from GROWING PAINS, the show’s opening credits sequence, and redoing it with the slasher superstars would prove so moving to me, in the emotional sense? It’s also funny as hell, but again, you kinda need to understand the context. I suggest you head on over to YouTube and watch the opening credits for GROWING PAINS. (Try not to retch when you see Kirk Cameron. Back then none of us knew what he would grow up to become.) Then watch this. You’re welcome.