He holds onto the knife with warm blood gradually dripping down. He walks out of the bedroom; his face pallid as paper and his eyes stared straight ahead, as a ravenous beast lusting for more flesh and blood. His huge, muddy shoes while walking down the old staircase make loud noises that possibly can wake up the dead. He laughs with no regret, under the ghostly moon. His colorless teeth look dreadfully disgusting. Up until now his life was a fairytale, artificially designed for him. All those lonely dark nights he hides himself into the corners of his empty bedroom, with no one to turn to. All he does is think and think.

The man gazes from left to right at the empty street. There is an eerie silence. Dry and dead leaves has blocked the sideways, old newspapers lying there peacefully, garbage sits everywhere. He is disappointed, all that he has done, no one to watch. He needed audiences to watch him kill and shred every piece of her innocent, white body. Unexpectedly as soon as he thought of her, images of her occurs. He tries shaking them off by hitting himself on the head over and over again. It did not help, her beautiful smiles, her jokes, her amazing body, and her red tasty lips. There is no way he can stop this insanity. He looks at the knife, which he used to cut her. He drops it on the ground. He screams loudly with pain and sorrow. He starts sprinting, as fast as he can.

Finally, the man stops and takes a breath. He gasps deeply. Then he wants to reach for his pills in his pocket to calm himself down, but instead he finds her red fingernails. They remained bloody and still attached with some of her white skin. He turns furious and screams loudly into the sky. As his hands trembles, her fingernails drop down onto the dirty ground. His tears burst out of his red-veined eyes, he can’t stop crying. With agony sharp as a knife stabbing and twisting in his heart, he fell down on his knees. With his hands going through his hair, he pulls it roughly.

His mouth is whispering words trying to pray to God for forgiveness, but it was too late. His tears rushes down his fingers, drops soundlessly on the muddy ground. The gray clouds soon block the moon. The world seems darker all of a sudden. He stands up starts toddling; slowly he toddles himself to a pond. The water seems sallow, with insects flying aimlessly on top. He gazes at his reflections in the water, but instead of seeing himself he saw a complete stranger. He is shocked; he turns around, trying to figure out why…despite the fact that he is alone. Suddenly he is conscious of someone around.

The man quickly looks around. He isn’t sure of anything. Even though he is afraid, inside of his mind that girl keeps on appearing. Far away he can hear owls laughing, insects creaking, the sound of him breathing deeply. At that instant he hears footsteps, in the dark bushes. Soon the sound surrounds him, the sounds of thousands of poisonous snakes crawling in and out. He remains on the ground; eyes wide open, looking around with fear. Suddenly a light from a bush shines on him.

Freeze police!