Guilty of so many crimes
There’s nothing left of our youthful minds
We’re lost in a world with no love
Where hatred is all anyone thinks of

Guilty of all we say isn’t true
After all of what we’ve gone through
You act like we’ll kill you and maybe you’re right
But nobody cares as long as we lose the fight

Guilty of things too gruesome to be spoken
Reflected in sights of many bones broken
We’ll never give up unless you give in first
Because for victory we have an unquenchable thrist

Guilty of trying too hard in life
Or maybe of trying to end our strife
We’ll fight and grow stronger or give up and die
Fuck what you think, it’s all worth a try

Guilty our consciences lie beaten down
By every last harsh word and every last frown
When we try our hardest it’s never enough
Everything in life has to be tough

Guilty of giving in to the fire
When our souls burn with hate and desire
Wrapped in the blanket of the coming night
We’ll try to survive till tomorrow’s daylight

Guilty of being a human being
We can barely believe all the blood we’re seeing
When nothing’s left we’ll still be around
Because the YOUTH are the ones that always hold their ground.

Categorized as poetic

By QuietFairWarning

Russian Roulet- My favourite game. Death- my favourite state of being. Suicide- yeah, within 24 hours of writing this probably.