She put the gun up to her head
Because she knew you’d want her dead
The boy she loved
you were not there
but if you were would you have cared
then when you came through the door
you saw her body on the floor
you yelled and screamed
you never thought
that for this life you could have faught
now you know that you once had
a girl that you made feel so sad
she put a gun up to her head
because of you she is now dead
so dont you cry
she never knew
what her life had meant to you
but now you think….
that gun she put up to her head
why couldn’t it take you insted

I wrote this poem because I once had a friend that a boy made feel so bad she wanted to die! This is what you boys need to be aware of because one day you might drive a girl to her death because you never made her feel she was loved and your opinion may one day be the only one she will want to hear.