Halloween Night’s Pool League!

After dropping off my sister and her girlfriend in Philadelphia for Dracula’s Ball! I had to drive all the way back to York! Really didn’t want to but my team was depending on me to show up!

I showed up at the bar we were shooting at! Our first team mate played and lost! Our next teammate Pooh was up! During her game I was really getting nervous for some reason! So to relax my self I went to the bar for a shot! After that I fel a lil better! After Pooh won our captain looks at me says I’m next! Then tells me I’m breaking! I took a deep breath and shot! Cool I made two balls in! One solid and one stripe! The solids had better positions so I went for those! When all was done my oppenent and I were both on the eight ball! Became nervous once more! Started thinking to myself it’s halloween night there’s a full moon this game is mine! Not only that I made a promise two special friends of mine! I went to cut the eight ball in the corner! Damn barely missed it! My oppenent had to bank it in! Thank Draconus he missed! He left me an easy but scratchable shot! So what I did was hit the cue ball top right towards the eightball! Cueball hit eight ball drops and cueball hit’s the bank!
Totally releived now! I’m like okay one down two to go! Second game comes up! Our two teams are tied! Not cool knowing we need this for the lead I’m totally nervous now! So I go to the bar and orderd two shots! Don’t know why but some people play pool alot better when there all buzzed up! I wasn’t buzzed yet just relaxed! I’m told I have to break again! So I break and nothing drops! I’m thinking damn here comes a table run! My oppenent makes his first two and misses the third! I’m like cool he’s a fast and hard shooter! Seems he’s studying me real close! When I came down to my last ball he slowed down and started to take his time! (I’m thinkin three balls on the table and now he’s playing smart! I’ve made that mistake before not going to fly!) My last ball was blocking the corner pocket at the end of the table! He knocks his and my ball in at the same time! Since mine dropped first it’s my shot! Would’t know I have to bank the eight ball! So Pooh comes up towards me and whispers this is your favorite kinda shot you can’t miss! I take a pretty good aim on the bank and the ball! Excellent eight ball drops and our team now has the lead!
During one of the games there’s alot fun happening on the dance floor! So friend and go to see what’s up! The bar owners sister is dancing on the table in her costume! She liked she was from Austin Powers Kitty Cat Swinging Club! My friend and were thinking about throwing dollar bills at her! We thought nope better not! So we went back to support our team!
Pooh won all three of her games! Which was pretty much a marale booster! Then one of our player lost all three of his! Everyone else has two wins so far! Before I know my captain lost her last game! Then her friend lost her last game! My buddy likes change the rotation man! I’m like great that’s all I need is more preasure! I asked my captain who I’m playin next! I was hoping to play the other teams captain! It’s ten minutes past midnight! My oppenent has a higher average than! Top it off his turn to break! Damn all hell broke loose but against me! He breaks nothing drops! I make three balls and missed the fourth! After that I never shot again! Dude ran the table on me! My buddy and I were like damn that sucked!
So him and I go to the bar drinking shots for the rest of the night! Danced with two lovely friends of ours Stacy and Jeanette! Jeanette was the one dancing on the table during one of the games! Just glad it wasn’t one of my games! I might have came out 2 and 1 but that’s better than last week 0 and 3! Wasn’t my fault that was my first week with the team!
Don’t worry you shall hear more about our teams wild times shooting pool at the bars!

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Lil too much to tell! Just ask and you shall receive!


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