When the world around you seems to fall,
and u realize you cant take it anymore.
The pain, the hate, the never ending stares,
the questions, the answers, and the ”no one cares”.

When it takes you from your hiding place
and exposes you the world you hate
they sit, they stare, like you were never really ever there

but to you, its better than it used to be

people laugh and call you names
they push you around and
play all sorts of games.

but if you would take a minute, and just look on the inside
the way they act is jsut a disguise

and when that day does pass you by
will you ever understand why?

Why the hell life treated you so bad,
it pissed you off it made you mad.

You stood around and wondered why,
you rememberd everything and it made you cry

But you put that smile on your face and tried to make everything erase.
The memories kept comming back, haunting you for your disgrace.

As you walked home in the dark,
your blood boiling with disgust,
but dont worry….
fell the pain you must.

you realized the pain was too much
so you took your life of which you must
you left a note one the table
because you knew i would become unstable.

you took the time to tell me goodbye
you never even told me why.

the thing i said when i yelled at you
you died thinking they were true

i never got to apologize, because now you will never realize
the truth is far from the many lies

the many lies i told you that day will always haunt me and never go away

i close me eyes as i realize
nothing will ever be wonderful again

ill live my life the way it was
but the way you left wasnt because

it wasnt because i hate you,
i loved you.
and i dont remember if you knew it was true
no one can ever know me like you

it wasnt because if all the lies
and you just had to
had to walk around in that stupid disguise

From now on i wll close my eyes
i will think of you everynow and then
and wonder when you will come back again


i wrote this poem,
and i gave it to you,
to tell you that no matter what you do
i will always love you
no one could ever know me like you…

By lost//in//pain//

i write when i can, i have notebooks full of stuff, everytime i submit it it wont put it on the site...