Haunted Slumber-Part V: Subconscious/Conscious

Erine flew out the door. It shutting noisily behind her. It took her 10 minutes to get to her lecture theatre, ten minutes, with a big smile on her face, remembering her adventure that morning. She was about to head into her lecture, when she heard Saigh’s voice calling out to her.

She spun around
‘Are you ok, you had me worried last night’
‘Yeah I’m fine, I was just really stressed and it finally caught up, Jason took me home and looked after me’
‘Oooo did he really?’ Saigh asked adding a wink.
‘Is your mind always in the gutter?’
‘Is that a yes?’
‘Why do you wanna know?’
‘I always wanna know’
‘Yeah he stayed last night, only to make sure I was ok’
‘Right…’ she said sarcastically
‘Right.’ Erine replied
‘Meet me for Lunch?’
‘Cant. I’m meeting Jason after this lecture’
‘Oh so its more than just the one night?’
‘Maybe… perhaps… well I’d like it to be’
‘Its about time you got a life’
‘Thanks, I gotta go, my lectures about to start’
‘Ok, Ill ring tonight for the whole story’
Erine laughed ‘Ok then’

She daydreamed her way through her lecture; somehow quantum mechanics wasn’t as interesting as usual. Erine made little sketches all over her notebook, only stopping to realise the gruesome art that lay before her. This whole thing was getting weirder and weirder, no longer was it remaining purely a nightmare but she was acting out in her conscious mind. She decided to sit down and tell Jason everything; she’d been keeping this to herself for too long now.
The shuffling of papers and the squeaking of seats let her know the 60 minutes were up, as she collected her stuff, her mind flashed suddenly with Saigh’s face, ripped to shreds. Erine put her hand out to steady herself.
‘Breathe, breathe… In…Out… Calm Down… its just a dream’
She took a deep breath and headed out to the fresh air. Just a bit longer to go and she could see Jason again.
‘Ok, I’m fine, gotta go to the physics laboratory… then home’
She crossed her fingers and headed off.

Erine arrived at her apartment and checked her watch, 12.40.
When she got inside she flopped down on her couch, turned on the T.V. Her stomach growled so she headed to the kitchen for a snack. She was just rummaging through the fridge when she heard the front door open and steps coming down the hall.
‘Who? Its me.’
‘Hey Morgan, long time no see.’
‘I know… watcha been up to? Damn, I should have come back sooner; there is some seriously bad energy in this place,
‘Nothing, same old, same old, you know, same shit different day’
Morgan walked to the far side of the lounge, straight to her alter.
‘Have you been using my stuff?’ she said picking up her atheme.
‘No, you know I don’t go near your stuff, I don’t play with what I don’t know’
‘True… My book of Black Spells has gone too!’
‘Black Spells??’
‘Yeah revenge, punishment, you know all the good stuff’ she said with a smirk.
‘I haven’t a clue’
‘Those were powerful spells, you shouldn’t be playing with it unless you have the power to control it’
‘Well, why you’re here, you wanna try and find the source of the bad energy?’
‘Yeah, its really strong, almost knocked me on my ass, I’m thinking there’s a spell at work, that may explain the missing book, it seems that powerful’
Erine watched as Morgan wandered around the house each time returning to the lounge.
‘It’s definitely centred in this room’
Morgan walked up to Erine finally…
‘Its you’
‘Someone’s put a spell on you, a strong one, they must have it out for you’
‘A spell?’ Erine laughed, trying to cover her shock, this could explain a lot of things.
‘I’m serious, they really wanna hurt you’
‘Can you reverse it?’
‘No, its something that’s gotta run its course’
She stopped when they heard the door open.
‘I’m in here’
‘Hey’ he walked up to her and gave her a hug.
‘Morgan this is Jason, Jason, this is Morgan my flatmate’
They exchanged their hellos.
‘Morgan reckons someone’s put some kind of revenge spell on me’
‘Hmmm’ Jason considered the idea,
‘That might explain last night’ he finally said while tying his hair back in a loose ponytail.
‘Last night?’ Morgan asked,
‘I think you should tell her’ Jason said while reaching for Erine’s hand to comfort her, ‘its about time we all heard the whole story’
‘I guess’

To Be Continued.