Have You Heard of Columbine?

I thought about bringing a gun to school once. Okay, more than once. All those bastards and bitches deserve to die. It’d be my tribute to Columbine, only they make it easier now.

See, Jeff and I have had this planned out for the longest of times. At our school we have what we lovingly title a ‘shooter procedure.’ If someone comes in with a gun, all of the students go to a specific place…Easy targets! A mass killing!

Jeff and I are going to get back at all those preppy fucks for being so fucking mean and idiotic. We’ll go down in history. My buddy Jeff and I started planning this a month or so after Columbine. Call it our inspiration. Only we’re not going to make any stupid fucking list. All cunts and dicks alike are our targets. Every one of the mother fuckers deserves to die.

We will have succeeded those stupid Columbine fuck heads. We won’t give up. We’ve already got a shoot out post ready. Jeff and I are excellent marksmen. I’m sure we’ll get caught or killed in the shootout, but we won’t go down without a fight.

Remember the boys who always hung by themselves? Remember the guys you called “faggots?” I’ll get my revenge on all those sorry sons of bitches. And the best part is no one knows where I go to school. So no one knows who’s going to die.

Only three days left. The countdown has begun.


This is a work of PURE fiction. It came to me while over hearing someone mock the system of all of the students going to one room if there ever was a sniper. Please note. THIS IS A WORK OF PURE FICTION!!!!!!!!!!