He hated his life didnt know how to deal So…….. this is what he did

What Hes Done

He puts a razor to his wrist
telling his self he cant take it anymore

He thinks its going to make all his pain stop
This boy is right but only to a point
HIs pain of living his life will soon be gone
He closes his eyes and cuts into his flesh
He tells his self not fell the pain
and that soon it will just go away
as he lays there and wonders what hes done
As he holds the razor with his right hand
a little tighter
He wants to make the cut on the left wrist a little deeper
But something happens
and the razor falls from his hand
he trys to caught it before it hits the floor
but his reflex isnt quick eaugh
and all his actions are lost in vain
as he lays there and looks at his bedroom walls
he feels the darkness is setting in
hes happy to know
all his fear, pain, and hate
will all be gone in a matter of minutes
he can feel his life leaving this world now
he leaving a world he hates to live in
and a life hes so happy to get a way from
he feels his heart take its last beat
he takes his last breath of air
and his last look around
and his final look at what he did to end his life
he closes his eyes of the last and final time
with the last thoughts of…..
” i wish i hadn’t gone though with it.”
But hes gone now heart, mind, body, and soul
no turning back now
HEs ended his life now
with only one deep dark slit of his numb wristes