He Just Doesn’t Care

You think he does, but he just doesn’t care! The longer you sit and listen and believe the bullshit she closer the edge comes. You stand there, reaching out when you need him the most. The only reason he’s around is to push you over! He wants you to hit the bottom! He just doesn’t care! You’re already dead to him. Your face no longer exists. Peering down at you, watching you fall slowly into a pit of hell, he laughs! He just doesn’t care! You have to watch him with her! You want her fucking dead, but most of all you want to be dead! Your whole body aches, you feel the pain as your heart begins to break. He just doesn’t care! You finally grab your gun, you open wide, the pain is gone. He comes to see you in your dusty tomb, no tears, no pain, no nothing. He just doesn’t care!