he only wanted to take what was mine…

i thought i was in love and we would always be togeather. We got into a fight that day and it was a stupid fight and i went to bed and in the middle of the night he came into my room to apppoligize for what he said that day and i was asleep. He walked up to me and said jenny wake up i need to appologize so i turned over to face him and i was wearin just a night shirt and panties and i saw the look on his face before he said anything.

I knew then that he was gonna rape me… he grabed my throat and pushed me onto the bed and he said take off ur clothes i begged him to please let me up and stop but the more i begged the more i saw he wanted to do it more. when i told him no the second time he just took one hand and held me down and with the other he ripped my clothes off and started to feel my body… his hands made me sick as he touched me. I felt him kiss my stomache and work his way down suddenly he was fingerin me and it hurt… i was still a virgin and i had never felt anything like that before. i screamed and begged him to stop but he wouldn’t. He finally stopped and i thought maybe he was done but he wasn’t he started to kiss up my body again and he said to me… you know you like this and you know you want it… i cried and begged him to stop but he pulled me up by my hair and he put his dick in my face and said suck it bitch i begged him to stop but he just pushed it in my mouth and i wanted to bite it off so bad but i knew if i did i would die. i sucked it and when i was done he pushed me back down. i tried to go into a place in my head to get away from what was happening but i couldn’t… i was cryin and he looked in my eyes and he liked to see the pain in my eyes he liked to see me hurt. he held me by my throat and was nearly killin me with ho whard he was holdin on. i tried to fight him off cause i knew that he was gonna fuck me next and as i tried to fight him he hit me and told me to shut up and take it. he spread my legs and thrust himself into me and i screamed and then i knew i was not innocent anymore… he fucked me as i screamed and begged him to stop and he just kept goin harder till i was just screamin from the pain but i couldn’t stop him. when he was done he got up and walked away but before he did he turned to me and said”bitch if you tell anyone you will die” he left the room and i just lay on the bed cryin form the pain and the lost of my innocents!!! i got up the mext mornin and he acted as if it never happened. later though he pushed me against the wall and he hit me and said don’t tell or you will get worse! ~ i never told and now i am!~

By evilgirl

i am sick of life and all i crave for is death. it will be so nice to be able to end all this pain one day!!!