he was all she ever wanted

She cant be found
When her heart is broken
She cant be seen
Any more
For she has lost her last chance
And it has been taken

The last time this happened
She disappeared for a while
No one cared
Then he came into the picture
And she Was safe
What happened
She is confused
He left her
It’s her fault
But he cared so much
It had to have been
But wait what is that
Is it him
It is! It is!

She wandered to the door
Angry again
Now what did she do
The gods only know
She looked into his eyes
He loved her then why
He said good bye and left
But why?

She cried that night
HE needed time again
What does he do with all of this time?
She decided she was done
She was through with it all
She grabbed her knife
And ran
Right straight down the hall
Her hiding spot would be where
She would be found
And only he knows where she can be found
He never understood her
But she was waiting there
In the bath tub she lay
He opened the door
He yelled at the sight
She had been there for so long
She had died that night.

By andarial

im weird