Heart Break

I fell in love with a woman
Who was in love with another someone
The other someonw was far aways
And gone for at least 365 days

With her, I thought that I had a chance
For her love put me in a trance
But I was too soon to find
That it was not me on her mind

Everyday while I thought of her
She was there thinking of another
Everyday my heart grew fonder
For this beautiful lovely wonder
Everyday we grew closer together
I wanted to stay with her forever
I gave her my love, I gave her my soul
Striving desperately to once again feel whole
I gave her my being, I gave her my heart
I never wanted to be apart
Many a time
Our souls did bind
Many a day
We would both say:
I Love You
Now what I said was true
It was how I really felt
For in her arms I wanted to melt
I truly loved her from the inner being of my core
But when HE came back, she showed me the door
You see, I was utterly fooled by her deceivance
She committed the ultimate grievance
She said that she loved me, but it was a lie
She was using me to wait for her man to return from the sky
She raped my soul and tore my being
Broke my heart and left me grieving
I had never felt so much pain
The pain searing like molten rain
My tears formed droplets on the ground
Again, Again, my heart did pound
But never again, never ever again
Never will I feel such pain again
The lesson taught by the steel in my brain
Implanted by the gun for my soul’s drain
I learned from this case of true Heart Break
The Tolls that the lies of another can take
Goodbye world, Goodbye life
Goodbye hurt, pain, and strife
Now, see what Heart Break can do
All to someone whose love is True.

By Blessed

Born on August 20, 1983. Went through really religious period, now in a very dark one...been there ever since. Love scaring the shit out of people that expect you to be good. Read my poetry...see what a Valedictorian really has on his mind.