Heart of Darkness, Kingdom of Pain

Her name was Rheynne….

In a country where the sky was blood red and the plants and flowers black there was a queen. Where kisses were poison and each different pleasure a new deadly plant, there was only emptiness.

Bondage was pure delight in comparison to being brought in front of her, and being eaten alive slowly by dogs was thought more beautiful than a death by her.

A castle made up of thorns, that was where the men, women, and children where taken. They cried tears of lust…that they could die some other way.

“They will not understand…if only they knew all I long for is one thing! A sickness is taking it’s time devouring my heart, and slowly I weaken inside, but grow stronger on the out.” Rheynne whispered to herself as she sat upon her thrown. Before her feet, groveling, were a man and a woman. Or at least they had been a man and a woman until they set foot upon her steps. Rhyenne’s creatures now, lower than the dog that eats scraps from the table they were.

“Get up.” They quaked in their bowed positions. “I said get up!” She threatened to explode. (I’ll stick a knife through his leg if he moves any slower.) Nausia threatened to make her throw up just watching them. She hated the emptiness because it threatened the one time a day she could fill her decrepid heart.

A slim body, toned with muscles built through toture, with small breasts and long legs stood up. Her short black hair stood on end, and she walked with grace, but purpose down the nine black marble steps. Her heels of metal making scratching pings on them, she smiled a fake smile. Her black dress medival, and velvet, trailing as she went. She got to the creatures, her creatures.

“My you are a lovely thing.” Her voice had an insane ring to it as she traced a long nail down his rough cheek still stained with dirt from a field. He was completely exposed and the clothes he had once worn were in a garbage dump somewhere. The man cringed as she pressed a kiss of spider bites on his perfect lips. A numbing poison spread through his body and she smiled in satisfaction as he became her prey. Circling around him, the woman forgotten for the moment, she pressed her body up against his.

A rough breath rasped through his bleeding lips. Her arms coiled around his body, her breasts pressed up against his back, and she let her fingernails etch bloody trails up his half erect dick. He screamed almost silently, just audible enough for her to make out, and she moaned in his torture.

Her eye saught the girl out, and found her. She motioned with her head for the nude woman of just twenty to come to her. The girl’s legs threatening to collapse underneith her, she came. Like a dog she a distinct whinning could be heard from her throat. (I want to rip it out…then have him fuck her.) Rhyenne could feel heat spill between her legs and she moaned louder, almost yelling. They echoed off of the tall ceiling of black glass icicles.

One hand still massaging the man’s penis, she grabbed the girls hair and pulled her closer. She bit hard into the throat which made such a disturbing noise, and drops of purple formed when Rhyenne pulled away. She let go of the girls shoulder length brown hair and put fingers laden with nails sharped to a point inside the girl. Dragging her closer, the area between her legs getting sodden with blood, the girl screeched in pain. Rhyenne moved her needle sharp finger nails inside the girl’s core and smiled wickedly as she arched her back high pitched whimpers crawling out of rose bud lips. She flung the girl on her back and watched blood drench the floor. Yanking the man around she glared as he stayed silent.

“Prey isn’t fun when they make no sound.” Madness edged within a whisper of fury. With her free hand she undid the latch that held her dress on. It fell to the floor. Exposing skin flawless as a priceless white pearl, and against the man’s will he groaned between blood cacked lips. “Come here girl.” The girl was faster crawling on her knees this time. Rheynne spread her legs, and this raised a flinch in both the man’s face and the girl’s. The girl was forced to crawl between the queens thin legs. She raised her lips to Rhyenne’s pussy and whimpered when she had to lick inside the queen.

“I’m getting tired of these things that know nothing of pleasuring a mistress…” Her eyes were closed as her lips said this loudly. The girl, eyes frantic, and in her haste she bit hard enough to bleed Rhyenne. A cry escaped Rhyenne’s lips, and she grasped onto the man who stood so near to her his breath brushed her cheek. In a frenzy now, persperation tingling on her skin she smiled at the girl. (Too bad she will go to waste.)

She kicked the girl aside and fucked the man. She wrapped her legs around his strong hips and rocked until he came out of her three times. He wasn’t deep enough until blood poured from inside her, his and hers. She smiled as he fell backwards onto the hard stone, and she pressed a hard kiss to his lips, sorry she had to leave him now, and climbed off. Never satisfied…

He was still hard, and the girl lay feet away tears running down her cheeks in endless streams. Rhyenne picked up a sword and slit the man’s neck. She then walked to the girl and meliciously slit her wrists twice on each. Eyes glinting with a fierce pain, the queen walked up to her throne, dress in arm. Rhyenne slung her dress around her body and closed it.

A tear slid down her cheek and fell off the curve of her upper lip. Emptiness still stung upon her breast, and within her darkened heart. The deaths of these two were only a small price to pay for a moment of fullfilment, which was becoming less and less frequent since the loss of her lover Terra.

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.