Heaven and Hell part 2

I walked in the hall, a new sense of aura in my body and around it. A glare of sun came through a window, and I smiled. The bliss I had, it had felt so good, I sow anted to be in the arms of the afterlife again, the pain of every breath rolling of my toungue, the feel of the ground under me, it all was folly to the desire I wanted, to have my bliss!

I coutinued my stroll down the hall, some girl in tight blue jeans and a tight white shirt came out into the hall and glared at me, as she passed, I said with a growl.

“The world you live is covered by facades and lies, and yet you go, saying you are one of there sheep, yet you dance on the grave of your savior!”

I was amazed at my voice, it sounded like thunder, like that of a god. She turned and looked me in the eyes, I saw somethign brewing there, something strong, tears began to well up in her eyes and she wailed as she fell to the floor. A life of lies and deciet brought down by one statement. The glory of her God.

I coutinued to walk down the hall, and entered a classroom. Little did I know that some boy, upset at the world not treating him ‘fair’ decided to make today the day of his revenge. He held a gun to the rest of the class, from the corner, the teacher wailed. He was about to pull the trigger, and right as he did he looked at me, and blood began to spil down his mouth, as a bullt went off, and shot into my chest. I closed my eyes for a moment, then opened them up. When one touches Hell, the beautiful blue of its twillight, how does he die again?

I shook for a moment, and walked out the room. A glareing white light came through the door at the end of the hall, and three small little grey skinned beings stepped from the light, I roared at them.

“You, tiem and time again, manipulate our minds to beleive you GODS! But your control stops, NOW! I will not let the people of time,a nd the people of freedom be slaves to that of weak slavers!”

As I roared I saw there skin burn like paper, then blow away like ash. The roof and walls of the school blew away in ash as well, and as people held on to the foundation and to the trees, I saw the nuclear plant, and five circular discs in the sky. The nucelar plant went up, and I felt in that moment that I had failed. I felt a consuming void overtake me, and I was hurtled into darkness. Death took me again, and I felt cold steel everywhere. Hearing others scream muffled and confused, I was scared, so scared. I heard a door open, liek air going into air, light took me, and I was around me. My coincious seemed to fume from one spot like an explosion, I was everywhere and yet had no spot where I stood. It all came back I was layed in ice, watching as my world died, being renewed and refreshed by a tyrant with an army of angels.

My death, my souls destruction was stopped by one thing. I saw the people, humanity, fighting against the tyrant, seeing they had done wrong, that what they ahd was a nightmare, not a dream. The tyrant existed no-more without the beleif, and the angels died, and he, he who ahd caused war, who had caused destruction, was gone, gone from our vision and knowing of life at least.

And it was not mine alone, but every humans heart that shriekaed out to stop the direct, and form the indirect, to see beyond the shsoulds and woulds to feel to the bristles of a path less travelled. To feel that worship of a god makes the god exist, yet only exist to us. I was hurrtled back to my bliss, back to my Heaven, to the Hell of tyrants. The stain sheets, the woman straddling my body kissing here and there, I saw the man in the corner.

“Love your bliss Maxamus, for you now know what all is.”

I cryed tears of joy, grappled the woman in the fiercest hold, that gave no pain, no happiness, but knowing. And made the sweet love, taking the woman like the nector of the sweetest flower. I had my bliss, my Hell.

By FearHate

I am Man, I am Beast, I do not hate, but I do not love. What am I?