Heaven and Hell Part One

Long ago the division was made, or so says the tale.

Long ago pain and happiness were made, or so says the tale.

Long ago I died, and walked into Heaven and Hell…

I remember it so clearly. My town of 5000 had a nuclear plant out in its boondocks. I walked into school, black clothes, and my walk-man playing System of a Downs ‘toxicity’ when I was ambushed by a group of Jocks. I’m not a homosexual, a brain, or a ethnicity. I was white, strait, stupid. Yet they seemed to have a grudge against me. Was it because of my faith? Was it because of my power? Was it because of who I was, possibly even better then them? I don’t know, and now that I look at it, I don’t care. The plant exploded whieel I was recieving punches and strikes against the gut and face. White burning fury surroudned us and then all was black. I awoke in satin white sheets, a beautiful woman strddling my body, massagin my chest. A white light surrounded us. She was humming a tune, and kissing me here and there. I was terrified. Eventually the white light turned to the cold white granite of a comfy summer place. I was happy, for once in my exitence. The sky outside was like a blue twilight, beautiful. I took the woman, and we made sweet love for hours.

I feel asleep in ehr arms and in my arms she. I awoke, I don’t know how much later, but the twilight remained. The woman was gone, and int eh corner of the room stood a man. He walked over and said.

“Hello Maxamus, welcome to Hell…”

In that moment, I was ripped from the bed and we both went through a tunnel of burning white fire, yet the fire felt soothing and empowring. We came before a throne, leaving the tunnel. The most beautiful being I have ever seen was atop the throne, and he started to speak, yet I did not understand it. It was like a sharp whisper through my ears. I basked in it, and a light overtook me again. I found myself on a brown hillside, the sky white, burnign with stars flying to and fro. The man was there too. he lifted me up, and we gazed over the hilltop. We looked down upon quarrys and mills, and a massive tower. Slaves went back and forth, doing there labour in pain, yet happilly. They seemed brainwashed, confused. He put his arm around my shoulder, and said.

“When one beleives in bliss all his life, he doesn’t care what the fien print entails…Heaven is only blissful to those who are foolish enough to go there…”

He grabbed my shirt hard, and we went throgh the tunnel of whtie fire again. We ended up ina grey, cold place. I was shivering, and noticed I was stark naked. The ground was like ice. I looked upon people on the ground, also naked, reading books. There were so many they were piled on each other, they didn’t seem to mind. The man came up behind me, he was dressed.

“Limbo, a place were thos eundecided and untested must be…most are carted off to ‘bliss’ while others find true happiness like you did with the Morning Light…”

I just gazed upon them…they were so consumed…

“Now, I send you back Maxamus…”

I looked at him inf right, and for the first time, a burning feelign came to my skin, and I felt hot, and I felt totured. I awoke in a bed, not satin sheets, no woman, except my mother, holding my hand from the side of the bed.

“Oh honey I should have never have left for that confrence…*sob*…I’m so sorry!”

I was in a hospital, a very poorly built hospital…others in pain surrounded me in there own beds. I was still alive! NO! I wanted to go back…this life hurt to much! I had been to Hell? My heaven? YES! I had been there, I knew it, and I wanted to go back. I saw the man at the end of the bed then, yet no-one else did…

“You must FIRST makes other see YOUR Heaven…and make them go to THERE Hell…”

I was confused by this, but once again I felt a burning, and the next thing I knew I was beign beat to a pulp, right before the plant had gone off. And instead of the white burning light coming, the school bell rang, and the dropped to the ground, weak.

The man came before me, and picked me up.

“Why?” I asked with a firm tone…

“Because you deserve your bliss…yet were not ready for it…make this world ready for it…”

He dropped me and dissappeared, and right where he was standing was a pendant…the inverted pentacle, with a small note attached…

“Take this world head-on, and with desire shall come sucess”

I was confused, yet got my self up and put it on. I dropped my bag and flexed my arms…I woudl have my bliss…

By FearHate

I am Man, I am Beast, I do not hate, but I do not love. What am I?