Commenced the only prayer,

to the unknown,

expected a response,

a sharp chill to the bone..

Thats how it starts,

and never gives in,

the slow intrusion

to the world within.

It isnt all sacred,

nor a moral defiance to see,

but is just not to enter,

as it isnt meant to be.

Its just like a limbo,

a strange clotted trance,

never seen by the people,

as there is not a chance…

…to enter this playground

of the dead within,

another blow to the bone,

another cardinal sin.

This is the heaven,

the hell of good,

the place of prayer

the place of fools.

It is a mistake,

nothing of truth,

Another place,

Of deepest hate.

– I decided to write this because i’m tired of seeing people that try to convince me to believe in something they arent even sure of-

By God_meat

I stand inside myself. Trying to break through. Cutting myself for freedom, i rip and bleed. Life flowing out of me, but I never scream, As no one wants to hear, Useless waste , my ugly life.