Okay, so here’s what Lloyd Levin, producer on HELLBOY, had to say about Guillermo del Toro and why the latter never got to finish his HELLBOY trilogy. Read it carefully.

“For years, the second one came out in [2008], and during that time the idea of a third would’ve been very very exciting. It was up to Guillermo and he ultimately decided that this was behind him. He was onto other things. So we were able to get a hold of the rights…A third without Guillermo was unthinkable and without Ron [Perlman] was unthinkable. So you have over 20 years worth of stories and dozens of characters and it just felt like there was so much more of the Hellboy, Mignola-verse to explore. So we talked about it and faced with no opportunity to do a third, the only opportunity was to reboot.” (Courtesy https://www.superherohype.com/movies/440655-hellboy-producer-says-guillermo-del-toro-didnt-want-to-return-for-a-sequel#/slide/1)

The problem here is that this version of things blatantly contradicts the evidence that I saw with my own two peepers, the evidence that we all saw. Del Toro announced publicly on Twitter how excited he was to get to work on a third and final HELLBOY film. We all saw it. And almost immediately thereafter he announced that unfortunately that film was never going to get made. Then almost immediately after *that* came news that they were doing a reboot with David Harbour in the role. Unless this was the fastest throwing together of a production in the history of the world—which isn’t at all believable—that reboot was already in the works. This, again, blatantly contradicts what Levin is selling. Is he just that lousy a liar, thinking that the geeks have such a short collective memory that we will have forgotten the evidence that clearly indicts him?

Here’s what I think happened. I think Guillermo didn’t move on it as quickly as they wanted him too. Guy’s been busy winning Oscars and such. I think they then went ahead with the plans for the reboot without bothering to tell Guillermo. I think the news that a reboot was in the works came as a surprise to him. The claim that Guillermo “decided that this was behind him”, however, is simply untrue. It makes Mr. Levin look bad to make a statement so easily invalidated. Try the truth, Levin, the whole unvarnished truth. You will save face that way.