A couple’a three months back, we were sad to report on the news that the long-awaited HELLBOY 3 would not be taking place. We were left to ponder just why this might be, considering that Director Guillermo del Toro and star Ron Perlman both really wanted to do the film. We were left with the conclusion that the character’s creator Mike Mignola must be an asshole who didn’t want the project to proceed. While we cannot with accuracy state whether or not Mr. Mignola is an asshole, we do now have confirmation as to why he nixed the final film in the HELLBOY trilogy. It seems he was planning a reboot. (But shouldn’t he have waited to do a reboot until AFTER the trilogy was finished? We are then, once again, left with the conclusion that Mignola simply did not LIKE the HELLBOY movies–and that he may or may not be an asshole.)

There’s a certain, oh, snobbishness you find amongst the fans of the HELLBOY comics. They tend to disparage the movies. I’m sorry, but I read the comics and I’ve seen the films, and I like the movies better. Perlman’s Hellboy is more likable, and Del Toro’s HELLBOY 2 was nothing less than a masterpiece of Dark Fantasy. Can the reboot measure up? Maybe, but if something isn’t broken, why fix it?