Hell’s Walls

It’s the tears that drip from my expressionless eye,
The mere thought – the eternal wish to die,
That chains me to hell’s walls with my bloodied blade,
And nothing to do but what the devil bade,
Rake it across, my little puppet, make it bleed,
Show me your savage want, your morbid need,
Tell me what you want as you hang by your thread,
I’ll be sure to dangle it, just above your head,
And the devil speaks these words to me above others all,
And I close my eyes and look away, chained to hell’s walls,
The dripping blood opens my eyes,
I’d never cut this deep, never tried to die,
But I understand the gesture all to clearly,
He’s mocking me – mimicking what I did nearly,
And when the devil laughs, the wall shakes,
And as it shakes, the chains brake,
And I’m pushing up against the glass wall,
Help me, please just don’t let me fall,
But on the other side, all is serene,
And I begin to wonder: is this a dream?
And the devil appears, again to cackle,
And to hell’s walls again I’m shackled,
Because I know now what I did not before,
This is not the devil I cannot ignore,
He is me, and I am he,
A sick and dramatic irony,
I’m chained to the walls of my own mind,
Unable to escape it and its confines,
So I’ll sit here forever and cry,
And pray to dear God, that I’ll just die…

By TheFirstPlague

I don't think anyone actually reads these. But in case someone happens to stumble across mine, I suppose there should be something to greet them. I live in a small town in New England that no one has heard of. I have four sisters, and three of them have needed a therapist at one point or another (I see mine every wednesday). I hate my parents with a seething rage that usually knocks me into oblivion. This hatred being composed of resentment, miscommunications, and what all hate stems from - fear. Although I have many friends, I wouldn't consider myself popular by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy reading and writing, and I have a wide range of interests. I don't usually give away my e-mail or screen name on the internet, but from what I've read here, you people are all as tortured as I am... If any one actually cares, my username refers to the Exodus - the Ten Plagues Moses uses to free the Hebrews from Egypt. The first one turned the water to blood. Stories I've Posted Here: Rape Me Cutting Hell's Walls