i send this letter of help
cuz i’m lost and not being able to delt
with this place they call home
and this world so cold and lone

i want out but no one will let me
why can’t they all see
i’m misriable
and feeling terriable
so all i want is out
get me to a place i can shout
scream, let everyone know
i’m not just a simple freak show
i do have feelings and i’m sending then to you
saying will you help me anything will do
i’m begging, pleading
the world is not what i’m needing
so help me please
get me out!!!

By unforgiving lover

i don't like ppl and i don't like being here i'm 5'7'' short spiky hair, brown eyes, and that's all u need to know oh and i'm a major smart ass and i hate you and everyone else dont' talk to me cuz i'll try to kill you