Help yourself

What is up with the people who think that they have the answer to all of life’s problems? People have different solutions to all kinds of different problems and no one that I have come across seems to think that. They promote one solution, conformity. Conformity as in giving in, or conformity to the Church. It is as a result of this conformity that people like me are ending their lives because they refuse to conform.

I know of this personally, I was in a suicide ward of a hospital not to long ago. People were shocked when they found out where I was. The only thing I heard was “Talk to God” or things of the matter. This was coming from people who always seem to judge. Christianity seems to prey on people who are unstable at the moment. I told them that I don’t like being a part of something such as that. After all, Christianity caused many people to die during the Crusades. It is the same way now. Where is the freedom we are supposed to have to make our own decisions on religion. If you look on a dollar bill you see “In God We Trust,” in the local paper that we have around here, it always has a saying taken from scripture.I say that people need to start relying on themselves instead of a Church. When people rely on a solution that we don’t see any success from it only makes people worse then what they were before. Why take a road such as that when you are so much better off from taking care of your own problems.

By KhodeRed

A time for people to change is the time when the world will collapse under the pressure of their own demise.