Her First Time

Claudia and David have been very good friends for the past 4 months and just recently begun dating. One night, while she was in her bedroom, she heard a tap on her window. She looked out and saw David, so she opened the window. He told her he and his dad got into a fight and he wanted to know if he can spend the night. Her parents weren’t home so she went downstairs to open the door for him. When he came in, he gave her a kiss. They both went to the couch and started to talk. A couple of minutes later, they got quiet, thats when David started to kiss her. She returned the kiss as they both wrapped their arms around each other. He stopped to ask her if she would like to go to her room. She was a little nervous but she trusted him and led the way. Once they were there, they went to the bed. He started to take her shirt off. She made no attempt to stop him because she wanted this as bad as he did. He took off his shirt and took of her bra as well. Then, he started to kiss one breast, while stroking the other one. She started to moan and shake….


By ContinuouslyFalling

i have a problem communicating with people so i type out my feelings on the internet.