Her First Time

Dana sat on the sofa in Danny’s living room, not believing what was about to transpire. Jonathan stood in front of her.

His black leather pants hugged his crotch, leaving very little to the imagination. Dana shifted in her seat, straightening out her school uniform skirt.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” Dana said.

“Because we’re so different?” Jonathan asked.

“No, it’s just that…”

“Afraid I’ll ruin your reputation?”

“No, that’s not it. Why do you have to turn things around all the time?”

“Then shut up.” He used his knee to force her legs apart.

She gasped as he knelt down and held her face in his hands. He leaned in and kissed her, running the tip of his tongue across her lips. His hands moved down her back and circle onto the top of her thighs. Her skin was soft and warm despite their walk in the cold outside.

His hands ran up to her panties and he ran his fingers along the figure of her lips. She shuddered as his fingers slipped inside the hem of her panties.

“I, I’ve never…” She started.

“Shut up.” He finished. He pulled her waist so she was half reclined and felt her warmness around his fingers. He loved her innocence. Despite being one of the only goths at St. Agnes Catholic School he attracted the girls. He was the nuisance of the teachers, and the rival of the preps. He had done almost every girl at St. Agnes. Catherine was no exceptions.

He reminded her throughout their walk to his house that he was not going to commit, that he would continue doing as he pleased. He also told her that once they were inside his house, no was not an option. He always got what he wanted and he was going to keep it that way.

He pulled his hand out and took off his shirt. She closed her knees together. They all did that, as if he hadn’t seen pussy before. Hers wasn’t any different. “Take your shirt off.”

She hesitated, then unbuttoned a few buttons and pulled it off.

“Bra and panties too.” He instructed as he undid his pants.

She took the bra off and started to unzip her skirt.

“Leave the skirt on.”

She looked at him, a little puzzled.

“Skirt on, panties off. It’s not a hard concept.” He slipped his pants down, revealing that he was underwear less. He watched as she pulled her panties down her legs and sat back down on the couch. Maybe it was the sheltered virginity that made him like them. They sure weren’t people he’d hang out with. They didn’t do drugs, didn’t party, and didn’t drink. It had to be that innocent look in their eyes. When you asked to see their tits, they blushed like someone had shoved them naked in front of the pope. This one was no different. He doubted she had ever seen a porn magazine.

He pulled her onto the floor and crawled on top of her. He played with her nipples, gently teasing them and then biting them. She squealed with delight. She watched every move he made, his eyes always watching hers. He trailed kisses from her breasts to her naval. Then he pulled off of her and sat against the wall. “Give me head.”

She looked at him as if the concept were foreign to her. “You heard me.”

She slowly put his cock in her mouth. Head really didn’t please him when it came to these girls. He preferred Samantha for that. He knew it sounded wrong to other people, but he and Samantha loved virgins. It was like another addiction for them. They had devirginized over thirty guys and girls at St. Agnes.

His mind drifted to Samantha as Catherine preformed a very crude blowjob. She was in the next room watching the surveillance camera monitor. The camera was hidden in a dragon painting on the mantle. After he had fucked her he would motion for her to come in and join them.

Finally, with him guiding her, she managed to make him cum. Not liking the taste she tried to pull away. He held her head on his cock. “Swallow it.”

Reluctantly she swallowed and he let her head free. He pushed her down on her back and pushed his hips against hers. “Do you want to feel it?”

She nodded.

“Say please.”

“Please.” She begged.

He started to get up, but she put a hand on his stomach to beckon him back. He grinned at the dragon painting, Samantha’s signal to get ready to come in.

He thrust into her and relished in her moans of pleasure. Once they both had came, he moved off of her and sat so she could see only him. He played with her nipples again. Teasing them with his tongue.

She didn’t notice Samantha in the room, until her legs were spread and Samantha’s tongue flicking in and out of her. She squealed in pleasure and then she realized that Jonathan wasn’t doing it. She started to protest but Jonathan put his fingers to her lips.

“I always get what I want.” She closed her mouth and then started to protest again. Again he silenced her. “What’s mine is Sam’s and what’s Sam’s is mine. I always share. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity would you?”

She squealed when Jonathan joined Samantha in pleasing her. Then Sam and Jonathan pulled off of her and Sam leaned back against the couch.

“Please Samantha.” Jonathan commanded. She hesitated, and then did what she was told.

Samantha was there for humiliation purposes. Jonathan loved commanding the virgins to do what he pleased. He knew they didn’t like the idea of performing on another woman and he played on it.

Samantha had her fill and pushed Catherine off of her. “She’s been good, fuck her again.”

This time Jonathan did as he was told and fucked Catherine. She screamed as each thrust became harder. He fucked her until they both came then pulled off of her.

He kissed her on the cheek before moving towards Samantha. “Now get the fuck out.” Jonathan commanded.

Catherine was stunned by his words.

“I told you sex is sex. Now get the fuck out.” He turned away from Catherine and started fucking Samantha. If Catherine watched she watched. They didn’t care.

Catherine didn’t watch, however, she threw her clothes on and ran from his house.

He still didn’t understand them. They always came back. Always wanted to go at it again. Even with his harsh last words. He expected her to call in a few days. They always did call.

He concentrated on Samantha and thought about next time.