Here’s a poem I wrote recently entitled “Cellar Dweller”

There’s a man in the woods with a claw for a hand,
And you can’t really see his eyes.
But you know that he’s smiling,
And you know that he’s cruel,
And you know that he’s covered with flies…

There’s a clown at the fair who’s not really there,
But his make up is a sinister red.
He’ll offer you sweets,
And innocent treats,
With barbed wire wrapped around his head…

There’s a girl in the mirror who cries all the time,
Although she died a long time ago.
And she’ll use her charms,
To wrap you in her arms,
As her face melts away to the bone…

There’s a thing in the cellar that crawls up the stairs,
And leaves sickly trails on the floor.
It gives me the fear,
So I never go near,
Our locked cellar door anymore…

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