Here’s a thought experiment for you.

Greetings to all.

I was replying to a post this morning when I noticed something odd, and wondered if anyone here ever experiences the same phenomenon.

Have any of you, when you read, ever imagined what the voice of the person who wrote the text would sound like if he or she were to read it aloud. Try it sometimes, you’ll find that you’ll get different kinds of voices for different forms of expression (I refrain from using the word personality because mere text on a page isn’t an adequate measure of the writer’s personality for me).

Also, look at some of your own posts objectively in this fashion. When I re-read the first part of the second paragraph of this post, the voice in my mind that was speaking the words I was reading was that of a child. Then the voice changed later on to something deeper and more adult. Interesting.

Try it and reply with your findings. You might even like it.

Fare thee well


By Durmegil

Not much to say, I study computer science at Strathclyde Uni. I live with my girlfriend and son in a small town near Glasgow and I spend my nights and weekends mostly at home or in the woods near home.


  1. i never noticed that b4, how strange. i do that to. i thought this one sounded like a 17-25 y/o man… cool 🙂 lol – X.x

  2. I always do that with people I talk to online… the only ones I never have a voice for are the perverts.

  3. i don’t think i get so much as the voice of the writer as the voices of the characters and how i see them in my mind. i do the same with my own characters in my own stories. each character has a different voice. not one of them sounds the same.

    i hear one voice when i read my poetry, and some other voice that suits the mood of the poem i’m reading if it was written by someone else. i have a very imaginative mind, what can i say.

  4. I know what you mean, but i don’t exactly imagine the voice of the person so much as i try and read it how they write it. Every person has a different way of writing and i try to read it how they intended it to be read. does that make sense?? Probably not, anyway…


  5. I hear stuff read in my own voice, regardless of what it is.
    The voice in my head is mine alone, maybe that means I’m mentally healthy. Maybe it means I’m lonely. Or maybe it just means I’m self-involved. It could mean nothing …

  6. Greetings to all again.

    Thank you for your responses. They’ve given me more to think about in my time here. MourningStar, I understand what you’re saying, and perhaps you are closer to the mark than me (yet again). The reader’s imagination creates the voices based on the words that are being spoken and what not, blacklight, do not take this the wrong way, I am not saying for a minute that you have no imagination.

    Once again thank you to all of you.

    Fare thee well


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