dirty needles full of blood
the heroin we call mud
fucking me and screaming behave
smack makes me it’s complete slave

need a fix i’m growing ill
it’s so hard just to sit still
all it does is bring more pain
my addiction brings so much shame

shooting up just to escape
the heroin leaves my mind agape
dope is all i’ve ever found
to keep my body above ground

waking up just to go cop some horse
this is the way my life runs it’s course
someday i want to find the real me
but my future is the one thing i cannot see

By KillTheRich

Thanks a lot, Brody, you bitch. Alex- I'm trying to quit the dope... Some say I own a nice guitar, but actually, it's the guitar the owns me. I consider myself a good poet, so e-mail me if you like my work. I love to hear what other people think. But don't e-mail me if you only want to talk about the goddamn Distillers. They have done less than nothing for me, so don't bring it up. "Life, I did not want to leave you in vain, but with the options I have been left, it seems to be the only way..."-Alex