hes Alone and wondering

when you start reading this it will be boring yes. but once you get done, please tell me what you think about my situation, what i should do, or say to the person im talking about, I dont care…I just need some advice!

You My dear aunt, have been married 11 years.
You came home and told me about a guy you met through happy tears. You said you really liked him, but it wouldnt go too far. The day I finally met him, he was a little bit younger than you are, clean cut and built, a little cute too! Right now, we have uncle steve fooled, into thinking we were shopping when he calls from work and there’s no answer, or we’re at momas house payin her a visit. But this past tuesday you finally told me the news that me and you were packing our stuff while steve was at work, and moving into an apartment with charles. I was and I am happy that were moving, But then just today, for some reason, just now, it hit me. What is steve going to think, when he gets home and all of our stuff is gone? I know Ive told you that I like charles alot. And I would love him as my uncle. But I love steve too and care about his feelings. I cant bare to know the fact that hes gonna come home and see that. His hearts going to break into peices. The only picture thats been running through my head since 3:00pm today was steve sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, crying his poor heart out, because his wife, of almost 11 years, has left, and taken his 16 year old neice, whom he thinks of as his daughter, with her. All Im saying is, I want you to think…that on 4:30 this coming up wednesday afternoon, hes going to arrive to a half empty house with only his puppy to keep him company. And we are going to be out having fun, with me and you knowing, that hes alone and wondering.