he’s an angel, but what am I?

he’s my angel, He my love, he is a person out of my reach, if I ever did reach him, he would die, cause I come from a diffrent world, where rainy dayz are beautifull, where blood runs in the strems, rivers and oceans, where the sun freeze’s your eyes, where the moon burns you, where kiss’s are deadly, and love is posion,

I come from waycobah, A world that has gone Very very wrong, where all suffer, But of all, I suffer thew most, cause I was born there, all the other people where sent there, they are kastout’s, because they where diffrent, because the things that make them special, are what You Fear most, these people are what you call monsters, I grew up with them, Got there Speed, strength, eye sight, they made me what I am today, Your worst Fear, I look like u, talk like you, But I’m not you, I’m stronger, Smarter, faster, Better, I’m a version of them and you, I’m what every thing fear, I bring tears to mothers, cause there son won’t be home, I Draw blood from the men, they even cry blood at the sight of me, but small children, “hi lady, Your pretty” they say, little children, They do not Fear me cause I don’t bother them, I take them from this world, to a better one, called eskainoi, it’sa a place where fun, games, and love fill the air, where every one and thing is excpected for what they are, where the sun all ways shines, where it’s always warm, when the air smells like spring rain, and you can see the moon in daylight, a beautifull place, only the pure can stay here, And some how, I can come here, But I don’t belong here, I belong out there, Cause I’m a out kast, I was born to kill, destroy. thats all I have, THats all I will ever have, but when he came, I saw things diffrently, I usely would kill him, cause he was human, But He didn’t have fear in his eyes, He had a pure soul, crystal eyes, he didn;t belong here, so I took him to Eskaioni, he deserved it , while he lives here, he gets beat on by others, thew ones I kill, cause he’s diffrent, cause he isn;t like them, he more like me, But he;s so diffrent, when I met him, my heart began to beat, only for him, no one else, I’ve always been a Cold hearted, person, heartless, I know now that I do have one, But not a good one, I love him for a reason I don’t know, But when I’m not with him, I’m vicous, cold Hearted, dangerous, evil, Heartless, the REal me, But when I’m with him, I soften up. I just hope he sees it, Cause I don’t have thwe Courage to tell him, he;s a angel, But what am I? I’m not good or bad, But I am good and Bad. theres no others like me, thats a good thing, so they don’t have to suffer like me, every day I live, Every breath I take, hurts, and gets more painfull as I continue to Breath, and live, is it normal to suffer like this, I think not, I’m a hudge mistake that the world had made, I save it, and destroy it, I save a few people, And destroy millions a Day, theres nothing out there like me, But he is all I live for, Jordan, Killing, and destorying, I do have questions, But answers seem to disapear, and I must return to my home, waycvobah, my deadly home, I’m the only one who can stand the pain and posion, but why only me? I don’t think I deserve Jordan,