Hidden in a veil of lies

There is an ever turning abyss in the minds of those who know not what they do, they know not why they do what they do but they do it anyway….i am one of the supposed innocents, the pleasant appproachable name for certifiably insane.

I am one of those the goverment want to hide from the public’s eye….but im not going without a fight. I know that they would snatch up the first opportunity to throw me into a padded cell and throwaway the key but the more they aggitate me the more likely i am to strike back at the public in ways and manners suitably horrific. Doctors and Psychologist’s have all taken their turn to “help” me and failed miserably because they have no actual experience of my suffering through my eyes only through what a textbook and a teacher told them……in turn they know nothing. Im not alone in this but i feel like it so if anyone understands step forward please…..help me fight back help me loose this veil of lies the government has cast upon me…….

By downwardspiral

Birth,life....awaiting death