Have you seen all of these? They are, according to the linked article, “5 Horror Movies That Never Got The Credit They Deserved.” Okay. Sure. I personally could compile a list that would run into the hundreds, but we’ll stick with these five. I’m all about encouraging viewers to check out overlooked but worthy efforts, any chance I get. But ARE these five worthy? SHOULD you look them up, if you haven’t already seen them? By all means! However, there are qualifiers.

While FRAILTY is a solid, underrated Horror flick, Wes Craven’s RED EYE, though a solid thriller with fine acting (and Rachel McAdams looking her most gorgeous), isn’t really a Horror picture. It is labeled as such only because Craven directed it. SLITHER is a gross-out hoot, and 1408 seems to defy the standard Stephen King movie adaptation pattern, in that, while not a true masterpiece like THE GREEN MILE or a trainwreck like THINNER (King movies tend to be one or the other, consistently), it’s still a nice, middle-ground effort worth watching. But I question including TRICK ‘R TREAT on this list. Not because it isn’t excellent. It is. But, considering its rabid fanboy following, is it really underappreciated?

source: www.cheatsheet.com