High School REALLY is hell

In my everyday routine, I get up and go to school. I meet my friends and mock the preps that walk by. But today was very, very different.

I got up and smelt fear and confusion in the air, I got dressed in all black of course and headed out the door. When I got there, there were no couples making out behind the school, no stoners across the street, no cheerleaders advertising a pep rally, no band members playing the flute, nothing but silence. I looked up and saw decaying bodies sprawled across the campus, I saw the couples, hand in hand with each other face down, the stoners clutching to their pipes, cheerleaders in blood stained uniforms and crushed instruments laying on the grass. I step over the bodies and walk to where I meet my friends in the cafeteria, the click of my heels echo the room and once again there were bodies hunched over the tables, laying atop each other, everywhere. I didnt see my friends so I walked out to the football field where we would go to avoid everyone else. I hear the faint sound of the band and the drumline as I remeber times at practice . But instead of seeing them marching, I see blood stained grass, severed bodies and broken drums. A sudden noise in the bleachers startled me as I spun around to see a kid I never saw before. “Do you like this?” he asked. “Like what?! death?” I screamed. He just stood there not fazed by my outburst. “yes” he answered. I looked at him in disbelief and wanted to kill him as I saw a gun and a knife in his coat. He did this, he killed my friends.
“Why? how could you have done this?” I chocked out. He poitned with a bloody hand at the school ” look at it, you yourself never really liked it.” I had to admit, I really didnt.
“but now, I have to kill you, too, my dear.” I turned my head, not beliving what he just said. He then suddenly pulled the gun from his coat , aimed at me, then fired. I fell backwards onto the grass and layed there.
When I opened my eyes, I heard the familiar ballard of the band and the cheer of the crowd. I found strength to get up and wondered if I had dreamt it all, but when I looked up, I saw a truly horrible sight. Everyone had turned into grotesque mutants, zombies, demons even. I look to see my friends standing in the shadows, but they werent my friends, they were bloody corpses. “What happned?” I asked. “were DEMONS!!!” then they laughed and kept eating their nachos. “no seriously, what is going on? why are you like this?” they stopped and blankly look at me. “Like what? gross looking?” they tease. “look at yourself, your no different.” I look down at a broken compact and see a hideous reflection looking back at me. “Why? What happened?” I nervously ask as I throw down the broken mirror. “We died, remember hun?” he giggles. “Then if we died, where or what is this?” I peer around at the same surroundings. “This? This is life, we go around in the same world as demons, we died a groteque death, we live a grotesque life. but I deal with it.” No, I refused to believe him. I stepped away from the false image that was my friend and ran away to run into more demons, cheerleaders. “Isn’t this, like, cool?” they ask. “Hell no!” I say and ran to the back of the bleachers and hold my head in my hands and cry. I have to stay here forever as something I once thought was great. Now I run from the very thing I drew and wished I was. Then I heard a chilling voice, “Do you like this?” I looked up, still sobbing, at the face of my killer, he too was torn apart. “No, why did you do this?” I simply ask.He smiled and I wanted to strike at him for it. “You hate this place, yet have so much love for it. Why? In this life, you are free, there are no tests, no grades to worry about. I thought you would like it. I mean you still have your friends, yeah they are gross looking demons, but hey, so are you.” he laughs and picks up my hand and stands me up. “Now come, everyone is waiting for your dance solo.” I think about what he said and follow him to the field, to my eternity as a demon.

By GothicDancer

Im a drummer and a dancer at my school which i hate. im the only person at my school who is "goth". i dont belive in god because if he did exist ,he wouldnt let all the shit happen in the world.