Scientists are getting serious about finding Nessie. They won’t, but they should be offered praise for trying. For taking the legend and the repeated sightings seriously enough to make the effort. They’re gonna scan the DNA in the water. If Nessie is in there, they will find traces of his/her/its DNA. They will also find the DNA of anything else that is swimming, or has in the past swum, in the legendary Loch (the real reason for the expedition, I’m sure; hunting Nessie was just the hook they used to snag funding for the scientific expedition). Don’t go getting too excited about it, though. They will most assuredly NOT find the DNA of a dinosaur in the waters of Loch Ness. They won’t find ANY unidentifiable DNA, I predict. Not because Nessie doesn’t exist. I firmly believe that Nessie DOES. I predict that they won’t find Nessie’s DNA because the Monster doesn’t WANT them to.


The reason why a monster can exist in Loch Ness when scientifically it is so improbable that it might as well be impossible, why numerous credible sightings have taken place yet not a flitter of scientific evidence has ever been discovered, is because the Loch Ness Monster is far more than just some unknown animal. Nessie is a supernatural creature, and is only sighted when he/she/it chooses to be, or doesn’t mind being, or is being careless and let’s its guard down. Something like that.


Is Nessie still there, in the Loch? Sometimes. Will they ever “find” it? Nope. Nor do I think we would really want them to. Think about it. Would we?