Hope is nothing,
An illusionary wall.
To blind you from your troubles,
So you cannot see at all.

The light is all you see,
Yet the dark is always there.
With its false validity,
It takes away your care.

So willifully you put on,
This mask that is pretend.
Yet you will not look,
At the dark thats in the end.

So pleasant you all look,
With your masks pulled so tight.
You cannot see the truth,
Even though, try you might.

Hope is supposed to guide you,
Supposed to always be there.
Yet in the end happiness eludes you,
And all thats left is despair.

You think you can control it,
Your life is yours to choose.
Hope blinds you from it,
And so you shall forever lose.

Yet day in and day out,
You blind youself from the facts.
Of your perfect world,
That is so full of cracks.

So i shall baske in darkness,
Envious of what you see.
A world where good always wins,
A truth that can never be.

You can keep your blinders,
I shall never put them on.
I will always see clearly,
Unlike your everlasting dawn.

I shall never become anything,
And will not be remembered in life.
Yet i prefer to be nothing at all,
And never need an empty device.