A word of advice: Never consult the “mainstream” critics, the “normal” ones, for reviews of geek movies, especially Horror flicks. They simply are not qualified, i.e. competent, to evaluate them. When seeking elucidation as to the worthiness of a new cinematic endeavor for which to bequeath my ticket money, I only consult sites like Fangoria and Bloody Disgusting. However, even the geek sites sometimes get it wrong. Like, WAY wrong. (For example, I recall Fangoria giving a rave review to the Lindsay Lohan film I KNOW WHO KILLED ME.) Sometimes the critics, whether commoner or fellow geek, are simply wrong. Mainstream critics savaged VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, which opened this past weekend. The geek critics thought it was “okay.” Both views are wrong. VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is GOOD. It’s REALLY good. And it totally bombed at the box office. Like, TOTALLY bombed.

CRIMSON PEAK was also an excellent movie. And it also bombed. If we Horror fans want to see more quality Horror at the movies, instead of just living off direct-to-video, we have to support it when it appears. If you haven’t seen either of these films, get your ass to the theater pronto! If you have seen them, go see them again. Our genre needs us!